Corporate financial management in Russia & CIS 2022

Conference date: 22 March 2022

Location: Moscow, Russia

Main Topics
Organizational financial management strategies
Organization and centralization

Treasury development strategies

Management of risks
Insurance strategies and current trends
Practice of using IT solutions
Market development. Legislation
HR management and outsourcing
Our partners
Kozlova Marina
Many thanks for an interesting and useful conference. Exchange of opinions, answers to topical questions, communication with colleagues will undoubtedly become a driver for further professional development. Special thanks to the organizers - everything, as always, at the highest level!
Korotkiy Alexey
A good format in which there is a big lunch break. You can get to know each other a little. And it is convenient for communication to have two small breaks in the second part.
Shkaltova Ekaterina
The non working elevator (for visitors) in Hyatt ;) helped me to get to know each other and establish a useful contact. Thanks. It was very interesting, helpful and comfortable.
Petricheva Polina
УК Колмар
Organization for 5+
Volovich Arkady
Мин Вайл
Thank you for hosting an event during difficult times. This is particularly valuable!
Aristov Alexander
Thank you for the invitation and the opportunity to communicate with colleagues!
Gorskaya Anna
Thank you for the invitation, it was interesting for me to participate in the panel discussion.
Lomakina Ludmila
Силовые Машины
Thank you for organizing the conference, the meeting was useful and productive.
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