Marketing and sales management 2023

Conference date: 27 July 2023

Location: Ararat Park Hyatt. Moscow, Russia

The conference "MARKETING AND SALES MANAGEMENT IN RUSSIA" will provide an opportunity to exchange experiences, learn about new trends in marketing and sales, discuss controversial issues and find new unique solutions for your organization, as well as establish new contacts.
The event will bring together marketing directors, commercial directors and sales managers of large Russian companies on one platform.
Main Topics
Formation of new marketing strategies and sales plans

Potential Risks of Marketing and Sales Functions in an Unstable Business Environment

Use of domestic analytics services and automation in marketing and sales
Implementation and use of CRM and CDP systems
Transforming marketing analytics into a new reality
Changes in marketing and sales business processes: metrics, stages, difficulties
Platforms for training employees in product knowledge and sales skills
AI to manage distributed marketing and sales systems
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