HR management 2023

Conference date: 27 April 2023

Location: Ararat Park Hyatt. Moscow, Russia

The "HR MANAGEMENT" conference is a meeting place for HR directors, their deputies and heads of HR departments of major Russian and international financial, trade, manufacturing and energy companies.

The conference will provide an opportunity to exchange experiences, learn about new trends, discuss contentious issues and find new unique solutions for your organization, as well as make new contacts.

Within the framework of the conference, a whole range of the most relevant trends will be touched upon, both about the strategy in general and going into details.

The participants of the event will be HR directors and their deputies, heads of personnel departments, top management of large international companies and Russian companies.

Main Topics
Strategies and effective personnel management
Corporate training systems

Transformation of approaches to personnel assessment

Corporate insurance
Digital transformation trends in HR
AI, machine learning, social networks, chatbots
Personnel electronic document management
Non-material ways to motivate employees
Retention of highly qualified IT personnel
Application of cloud technologies in HR
Video report of the previous conference
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