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Business management forum 2023

Forum date: 23 October 2023


Forum "BUSINESS MANAGEMENT IN RUSSIA" - will provide an opportunity to exchange experiences, learn about new trends in the field: IT, HR, marketing and sales, fleets and logistics, finance, legal law. Discuss controversial issues and find new unique solutions for your organization, as well as make new contacts.
The event will bring together general directors and their deputies, as well as heads of departments of large Russian companies.
Main Topics
  • Maintaining efficiency and ensuring company growth in the face of constant change
  • Cash flow, investments and financing in business

  • "Digitalization" as a key tool for business change management. Protecting a company's digital assets in an ever-changing threat landscape
  • ESG Investing: Green Finance Strategies and Principles
  • Legal protection of business decisions in the face of sanctions pressure: how to reduce risks
  • Staff training and development strategy in modern realities
  • Control and automation of processes in the enterprise using modern IT solutions
  • Major changes in marketing and sales business processes: metrics, stages, complexities
  • Tools for reducing and optimizing corporate vehicle fleet costs
  • Interaction of business and financial service. How a CFO can help a business in a rapidly changing environment
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