Corporate financial management in Russia & CIS 2021

Conference date: 25 March 2021

Location: Moscow, Russia

Organizational financial management strategies
Organization and centralization

Treasury development strategies

Management of risks
Insurance strategies and current trends
Practice of using IT solutions
Market development. Legislation
HR management and outsourcing
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Our partners
Maria Dorokhina

Thank you for your decisiveness in hosting the offline event. Despite the fears and concerns associated with the coronavirus, I think everyone missed the face-to-face meetings. Special thanks for the networking during coffee breaks, when your employees were introducing colleagues from financial services / services. It is psychologically more comfortable to start a dialogue when you were introduced, rather than approach a stranger and introduce yourself. In my opinion, the excellent structure of the conference is financial-insurance-treasury. Often in companies, the functionality is divided into divisions and if you are limited in time, then you can come to a specific section. I work in all three areas, but, unfortunately, I managed to take part only in the corporate finance block. There were interesting topics and speakers.

Alexandra Morozova

Thank you for a well-organized and interesting conference.

I did not have time to mention in the form yesterday that I liked the presentation of the Rosseti company about OBC most of all: a very interesting, new idea and a deep analysis of this topic.

Daria Sharapova
NLMK Corporate Solutions Center
The event was very rich and interesting in terms of filling and proposed topics. Thank you very much for organizing and inviting!
Maria Kozlova

We would like to thank you for the excellent organization of the conference

«Corporate financial management in Russia & CIS».

Olga Nichipor
I liked the level of the participants, the option is a personal manager (very much). What was a little upsetting - the moderation was not very active, so to speak, the moderator did not warm up the discussion. And here it is not about the professionalism of the financial director, but about the skills of the moderation.
Mikhail Korovkin
The organization was at a high level, no comments. The speakers did not have enough time to answer questions and hold a general discussion
Oleg Gordienko
I think it is necessary to separate financial and insurance issues by different streams, or at least by day. Dividing sessions into rooms is not a bad solution
Tatiana Anikeeva
Thank you for the excellently and productively organized conference.
Andrey Runov
Insurance Broker Malakut
Slightly oversaturated for one day. Little bit. Everything else is super
Andrey Putnikov
A very successful meeting system, it turned out to be useful, well done!
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