Fleet management in Russia & CIS 2019

Conference date: 20-21 February 2019

Location: Moscow, Russia

Fleet management strategies
Fleet insurance

Interaction with car manufacturers and dealers

Operating leasing
Modern technologies to reduce the cost of transport logistics
Sale of out-of-service vehicles
Ways to Reduce Fuel Costs
Road safety, driver training and testing
Our partners
Evgeny Mironov

Thank you so much for the invitation and the opportunity to participate in the conference. Everything was organized at the highest level.

Alexander Shumakov

The event is at an appropriate, fairly high level. I want to say that there are a lot of interesting participants in the sessions - key persons of large companies, with whom it is quite interesting to maintain a dialogue and you can get a lot of information

Mikhail Nechaev
Caspian pipeline consortium

Thank you for the invitation to participate in the conference. Topics are relevant, the speakers are experienced, communication with the participants was useful. I would be glad and grateful for invitations to other events on the topic of transport.

By the way, there was, in my opinion, a very interesting presenter of the conference (Sergey). He not only chaired the conference, but was well versed and competent in the topics discussed, and he himself gave a lot of interesting information. That was great!

Natalia Zotova
BSH Household appliances
Here are the nuances that you can probably already plan in your current activities
Alexander Yudin
ex Red Bull
I would like to thank you for the last conference. Great organization, interesting topics and presentations.
Alexey Gilenko
Coca Cola HBC

Colleagues, First of all, I want to thank you for the opportunity to take part in the event and speak. From my point of view, I would note the positive and "not very" moments.

I will support you on the technical side, there is room for improvement, there were unplanned pauses and thus distracted the attention of the listeners. Of course, if there are two or more microphones, then it is possible to significantly reduce the time during the Q&A session, since the process of organizing the microphone transfer will improve significantly.

The composition of the participants is excellent, there are real problems with this lately, a good venue, interesting topics. I really liked the idea of ​​considering changes in legislation and thinking (discussing) what will potentially change. And next time it would be nice to hear colleagues with an interesting topic from TSODD or MADI.

In general, in my opinion, I would put a good 4+ Call me more

Ivan Lukin
Pony Express
Thank you very much for your feedback! It was very pleasant and helpful to take part.
Sergey Tumanov
Coca Cola HBC
Thank you for organizing the event. In my opinion everything was great.
Yuri Maksimov
Alcor and Co (L'Etoile)
Thank you for the invitation to your conference. She solved my questions a lot and gave new partners and colleagues not only in transport.
Irina Klubnichkina
XPO Logistics
Thank you for organizing a very useful and fulfilling Forum with the participation of real industry professionals. I highly appreciate the past event and hope that I can become a participant in subsequent events.
Marina Borzhkovskaya
Thank you very much for organizing the event!
Natalia Kozhemyakina
Baltic Leasing
I am very glad that I was at the conference, it was very informative and productive.
Andrey Baranov
Thanks again for the event!
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