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Corporate treasury in Russia & CIS 2019

Conference date: 19 June 2019

Location: Moscow, Russia

  • Treasury development strategy
  • Automation of payments and information exchange with the bank
  • Organization and centralization of the treasury in a large company

  • Control and centralization of payments
  • Treasury automation
  • Fundraising
  • Payment and cash flow management
  • Financial risk management
  • Digital transformation as a way to improve the efficiency of the treasury
  • Factoring
Our partners
  • Maria Shikova

    Thank you for the invitation and the opportunity to speak. The impression is the most positive - the event was held at a high level of both the organization and its holding in general and, of course, deserves an "excellent" mark. It was pleasant to talk with colleagues, it turns out that everyone has the same problems, to get new directions for the implementation of Treasury issues, and to share their own developments. As usual, there was not enough time to discuss everything in detail. I sincerely hope for continued constructive cooperation. Good luck and prosperity to you.

  • Elena Cherepanova

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this event. I liked the clear organization, a wide range of participants, and a friendly atmosphere. I will be happy to recommend you to my colleagues.

  • Mikhail Kozharin
    Thank you for organizing the conference at a high level. All speakers were of a fairly high qualification, gave interesting presentations, discussed topical issues. Separately, I would like to note the high professionalism of the host of the conference D. Solovyov.
  • Anna Glazkova
    GC Partner-Electro and IMA Russia
    I was glad to take part in the conference, I am sure: the event was a success, excellent organization, comfortable location and current topics.
  • Ksenia Kisulenko
    Louis Dreyfus Company
    Thank you very much for the invitation to the conference. I was able to join only for the last session, but for me the presentations of colleagues were very informative and useful.
  • Mikhail Kochetkov
    Regarding the event. There were interesting topics on the organization of control, on the centralization and automation of treasury functions. I liked the professional level of the speakers and the moderator, as well as the clear organization of the process. Thank you!
  • Anatoly Dmitrienko
    Thank you for organizing the event. It was very helpful and interesting.
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