HR management in Russia & CIS

Conference date: 17 November 2021

Location: Moscow, Russia


управление корпоративным правом в россии



управление корпоративным правом в россии

Sergei Kunitsyn Agama: "- Loved the atmosphere. The format of the "discussion club" is excellent, there was not enough time for full-fledged discussions. Invite more!"

Elena Domogatskaya Danone: "- Thank you for organizing the conference. It was interesting and useful to get to know the lawyers of other companies"

Dmitry Pesnev Sberbank life insurance: "- Further develop the chosen format and continue, if possible, to collect conferences in person. Thank you very much for the event and special thanks for the opportunity to speak"

Natalia Pavlova Danieli: "- Not enough specificity, too many general topics. It's interesting when they add the format of a business game"

Zarina Sidakova New Pipe Technologies: "- Everything is super, well done. Keep it up!"

Rushan Sunyatullin GoldenSIM: "- Thank you so much for the useful conference, I liked everything!"

Valeria Alyoshina Molkom: "- Thank you very much for the interesting conference!"

Irina Kardash Istra-Nutricia: "- Thank you for the conference "Corporate Law Governance in Russia 2021" and the opportunity to communicate with colleagues."

Oleg Samofalov Gazprom NTC: "- Colleagues, thank you for the high level of organization of the event!"

Kristina Antseva IT Co. Group: "- Thank you for the event, I will be happy to take part, if you still invite!) The main thing in this event is the opportunity to communicate personally with colleagues from different business areas and exchange experiences."

Alexander Zinoviev Ladesol-Tambov: "- Thanks for the conference!"

Elena Kucheryavaya LifeScan: "- I am very glad to meet you! Thank you very much for the invitation, organization, great speakers and participants, great venue!"



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