Conference date: 13 May 2021

Location: Moscow, Russia



IT management n Russia & CIS


IT management n Russia & CIS

Dmitry Babenko Sheraton Development: "- The event was Perfectly organized, I will even mark it in my report to shareholders!"

Stanislav Orlov Yandex: "- The event was organized at a high level! Everything is super! The atmosphere is great! And the individual approach of the organizer deserves special thanks!"

Ekaterina Sukhova Yandex: "- Thank you so much! Yes, colleagues highly appreciated the organization of the event, thank you."

Marina Yakimkina ENTEL: "- Thank you for the excellent organization of the event! It was very informative. A good opportunity to communicate with colleagues and partners. It's always nice to be in the company of smart and interesting people."

Yuri Vinogradov Cuberetail: "- Words of gratitude to you and colleagues for organizing the event"

Evgeny Kosenko Fast Payments Processing Company: "- Thank you for an interesting event"

Anton Kasperovich Rosbank: "- Thank you for organizing the last conference!"

Alexander Sorokovikov RNG: "- Thank you for the invitation and the opportunity to attend the conference

 «IT management in Russia & CIS»"

Nikita Vasiliev CROC: "- Thank you for the event :)"

Alexander Prokopenko Media Pro: "- It is necessary to continue the already informal communication at a light buffet table"

Andrey Papshev Evraz: "- Very nice venue"

Artak Hovhannisyan EPAM: "- I will note the desire of the organizers to help with personal meetings"

Evgeny Sandomirsky EPAM: "- Great format with organizing meetings!"

Evgeny Klimov Siberian service company: "- The conference was wonderful and very well organized. The preparation was very informative, very interesting reports and participants"

Nikolay Zaitsev ex Alkor and Co: "- I like your conference for various reasons. First of all, this is the possibility of free communication."

Vladimir Skvortsov Transneft-technologies: "- This event allows you to gain knowledge and exchange experience with guests, and many thanks for this!"

Sergey Samoukhin Mail ru cloud solutions: "- I like the audience very much. At the moment, at many conferences, they just "looked and left", here you can see the quality of the preparation of materials, including, people do not leave and this is just cool! At the stand, people constantly come up and ask, I haven't seen this for a long time! Thank you so much!"

Olga Gubernatorova Astra Linux: "- I liked the topics, I liked the debates that took place in the banking sector. I brought up a lot of interesting questions and tasks that still have to think about how to implement"

Stanislav Orlov Yandex Routing: "- There are a lot of people, you probably won't even have time to communicate with everyone. I will definitely note that we had a personal manager who introduced us to people"

Sophia Stavisskaya Softline: "- Objectively, I liked most of all the opportunity to make appointments in advance with customers, your support and help in communicating with them"



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