Conference date: 4 October 2019

Location: Moscow, Russia

IT in retail 2019

IT in retail

IT in retail


Konstantin Kostin, Pan Suitcase: "- By the way, the organization was very good - for example, I liked everything, there was nothing to complain about if I wanted to. Still, the topics finally appeared how to really optimize. Or, everything is already too optimized and it is no longer possible to improve."

Roman Lukyanenko, Svyaznoy Euroset: "- Thank you so much for the invitation and organization. It was interesting."

Leisyan Ibragimova, MaryKay: "- Thank you very much for organizing the event and inviting! Many performances were interesting."

Nikolay Stepanov, Glory Global: "- Thank you very much for the event, I liked it."

Dmitry Toporov, KuchenLand: "- Thank you. It was helpful and interesting. Keep it up!"


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