Conference date: 22 September 2021

Location: Moscow, Russia


HR management in Russia & CIS



HR management in Russia & CIS

Oksana Kolchina, Geotek: "- Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in the conference! It was very interesting to listen to the speakers and take part in the discussions. Of course, the information received will be useful in professional activities."

Anna Vanina, TD GUM: "- I will be happy to take part next year!"

Sergey Nastalovsky, Metran Group of Companies: "- It was very useful to participate in the Conference and listen to colleagues in the shop. I am especially grateful that you have entrusted me to be the moderator of one of the sessions of the Conference"

Tatiana Nikitina, Spatial Data Foundation of the Republic of Tatarstan: "- Thank you for organizing the meeting. Many materials are very useful, the opportunity to exchange experience and contacts is invaluable!"

Maria Shabanova, Nikamed: "- I would like to thank you for the invitation and the excellent organization of the event. Thanks again for the warm welcome!"

Daria Terentyeva, Rotex: "- I liked everything, a lot of useful practical things. Respect to the organizers and participants!"

Tatyana Popova, United Grain Company: "- Thank you, I liked the conference very much"

Olga Lobach, Informzaschita: "- Thank you very much, the conference is great!"

Dmitry Kondrin, "- All perfectly!"

Dmitry Adushev, Russian Port: "- Thank you, I was glad to cooperate!"



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