Conference date: 11 May 2022

Location: Dubai, UAE

Fleet management in the middle east

Fleet management in the Middle East

Fleet management in the Middle East

Continent Group invites you on the first annual intersectoral conference


which be held in Dubai 11 May 2022

Conference «FLEET MANAGEMENT IN THE MIDDLES EAST» - is the meeting place for fleet management professionals.

A multitude of professionals and talented speakers will share their experiences, share their expert opinion and discuss the best methods for managing a corporate fleet.

Every year, the issues of fleet management, without slowing down, acquire particular importance for companies. And effective management plays a key role in this.

Many tasks from performing single processes to managing a fleet of vehicles in general require finding and applying the most effective solutions.

Conference «FLEET MANAGEMENT IN THE MIDDLE EAST» - will provide an opportunity to exchange experiences, learn about new trends in vehicle management, discuss controversial issues in regulation, find new unique solutions for your fleet and establish new contacts.




Fleet management. Strategy, efficiency, economics

New VAT polices and the effect on the auto industry

Car manufacturers and dealers. Practical experience

Operating leasing and car rental

Sales of vehicles from the fleet

Drivers. Organization, motivation, training

Application of information technology, automation

Telematics devices and software

Fleet insurance and claims settlement practice

Cost reduction practice

Medical examination


Conference participants: fleet managers, administrative managers, logistics directors and many other industry representatives.

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Fleet management in the Middle East



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Fleet management in the Middle East

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