Conference date: 28 January 2021

Location: Moscow, Russia

Fleet management in Russia & cis


Fleet management in russia & cis


Fleet management in russia & cis

Victor Ermakov Renaissance Insurance: "- Thank you for the excellent organization of the conference! It was very interesting, helpful and sincere! I was glad to see regular guests and participants, to communicate with colleagues. Once again, thank you and the continentgroup as a whole!"

Konstantin Kochailov AutoVAZ: "- On behalf of JSC AUTOVAZ, I express my gratitude to you and your company for organizing such an interesting event. You always manage to create a business atmosphere at the conference - this is what sets you apart. Good luck!"

Maxim Bugrov Nokian Tyres: "- Thank you for an interesting event!"

Gleb Sokolov Biocad: "- This is my first time attending a conference you are holding. I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent preparation, conduct and information content. There were many productive meetings with a reserve for the future. Thank you."

Irina Klubnichkina FTK Group: "- Thank you for a wonderful event and interesting topics!"

Maxim Tsybulkin MTS Retail: "- Thank you very much for the invitation, an excellent conference, I learned a lot of interesting things from related areas."

Rinat Bagapov Glonass: "- Many thanks! Nice to meet you, the organization of the event was top notch!"

Ilmir Yuldashev Westwind: "- Thank you for the invitation and see you next year! Business success in this!-)"

Lilia Pavlova Generium: "- There were few transport service providers, mostly only transport managers - users of services within companies."

Zara Gevorkyan Renaissance Insurance: "- Thank you for the high level of organization of the event."

Yuri Maksimov Alkor and Co: "- Everything was as before at the highest level"

Igor Belinsky TV company NTV: "- I especially want to note the clear timing of the event and the ability to communicate with colleagues during breaks."

Vasily Savostyanov JSK RT-RVS: "- Thank you very much, the conference was excellent, a lot of information and positive "

Alexander Dorofeev, Volkswagen center Germanicus: "- Thank you for the good organization and for your prompt help in communicating with interesting people. I ask you not to forget and invite you to such events in the future. Shake your hand, have a nice day."

Ksenia Astapovskaya, Glonass: "- The event was organized at the highest level, from the meeting of the participants to the dinner. Also pleased with the prize fund and the venue of the event."

Sergey Azarkevich, ex JTI: "- I would like to thank you for the well-organized conference and especially for the invitation to participate in it. Everything was great. Until next time."

Andrey Malinin, Volkswagen Group Rus: "- Success in further development!"

Dmitry Krasnov, Helicon: "- Thank you for the conference, a lot of interesting and useful things.

This time there was also a CIO from our company, he had a positive impression of the event.

Hopefully invite you to the next fleet management conference.

I wish your company prosperity and good health to your team.

Thank you, it was interesting."



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