Conference date: 30 January 2020

Location: Moscow, Russia

Fleet management in Russia & cis


Fleet management in russia & cis


Fleet management in russia & cis

Sergey Sizov Baltica Brewery: "- Thank you for the good organization of the conference. It was great!

We will be glad to take part in future conferences"

Roman Lykov Wheels: "- I want to thank you for the invitation to a great organized event - everything was great)

Interesting composition of participants, speakers, topics covered.

I wish you success!!!"

Svetlana Sennikova VSK Insurance: "- Thanks a lot for organizing! Indeed, the conference is different from others, because everything is done clearly. Keep it up! You are on the right track! I wish you prosperity and all the best"


Alexey Voronin Yandex Taxi: "- Companies from different segments are represented, in different formats of vehicle fleets, I think it is quite exhaustive."

Dmitry Shulyak ISS World Russia: "- Many topical issues and many solutions at this event"

Konstantin Bnatov Sibintek: "- This event, first of all, allows professionals and market experts to communicate, share their opinions and, conventionally, "not tampering" along a new path, get some ready-made case"

Dmitry Kravchenko PepsiCo: "- Thank you for the invitation to the conference. There were a number of interesting presentations! An excellent undertaking that needs to be continued, because people need to communicate, exchange experiences and gain new knowledge"

Anna Ushakova X Leasing: "- Thank you for organizing a wonderful event."

Natalia Zotova BSH Household Appliances: "- I would like to thank you for the good organization and selection of speakers at the conference. Compared to the previous conference, not only the composition of speakers and presentation of information has improved qualitatively, but also the choice of topics for speeches and discussions. The format of holding the entire event in one day has become more convenient. A special place, in my opinion, is occupied by the speech of Sergei Sizov. The approach he and his team have adopted to manage the fleet through colleagues operating corporate vehicles appears to be uniquely strategic and defining the theme choices for your next event. Thank you:)"

Ilya Ryzhov ALD Automotive Russia: "- Thanks for the event"

Eduard Mironov FM Logistic Russia: "- Thanks for the conference"

Alexey Ilyukhin Unilever: "- Thank you for inviting me to the conference"

Sergey Kulaev Nokia: "- Thank you for the great organization of the event. Well done!"

Serdar Pirov GKU TSODD: "- Thank you very much for the high level of organization of the Conference"

Alexander Dubrovsky Cargill Russia: "- Thank you very much for the organization and the event itself.

Everything was to the point and nothing more"

Yuri Maksimov Alkor and Co: "- Thank you very much for the work you are doing for us"

Alexander Degtyarev IC Verna: "- Thank you for organizing the event. It was very interesting, since such events provide information for building a further vector of interaction with legal entities in insurance, taking into account their approaches to managing their parks. Thank you!"

Evgeniya Dobrolyubova Stoun ХХ1: "- Thank you very much for a perfectly organized event"

Alexey Grechishkin Severstal: "- I would like to thank the organizers for the excellent preparation and conduct of the event! Communication with colleagues, discussion of pressing problems in the field of transport fully met my expectations from this event. The experience of colleagues is invaluable. Thanks again!"

Marina Degtyareva Smart Driving Laboratory: "- Thank you for an interesting event"

Dmitry Krasnov Helicon: "- Thank you very much, the conference is very useful"

Natalia Kozhemyakina Baltic Leasing: "- Thank you very much for the event!"

Tatiana Gavrilova Safe Driving Association: "- Thank you for a great event"

Artur Sersunbaev Paulig Group: "- Thank you for a perfectly organized event"

Nikolay Bednyakov Bozon: "- Thank you for organizing such events! Got a lot of useful information!"

Stanislav Veselov Continental Tyres: "- Thank you for the invitation, it was very interesting to listen to and communicate with colleagues, find out useful information"

Alexey Arkhangelsky Knauf: "- Thank you very much for organizing"

Andrey Selivanov Independent expert: "- In general, the conference was held and organized at a high level,

rich and relevant program, bright speakers. It is a pity that the test drives of the cars were carried out simultaneously with

speeches, it was not possible to get acquainted with the novelties of the world and domestic auto industry))"

Konstantin Kachaylov AutoVAZ: "- The conference was held at a very high level, it was very effective for us. We plan to participate next year"



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