Conference date: 13 September 2019

Location: Moscow, Russia

Insurance of business in russia & cis 2019

insurance of business in russia & cis

insurance of business in russia & cis


Valentina Miklyaeva, Akron: "- Thank you very much for the interesting conference!"

Ekaterina Nazarova, ERIELL: "- Thank you and your team for the opportunity to participate in the event. For me personally, it was useful to hear from colleagues, get useful contacts and think about some ideas."

Svetlana Ilyina, Mikhailovsky GOK: "- Thank you for organizing the conference and the opportunity for our participation!

The impressions are the most positive. We will be glad to participate next year."

Diana Beznoschenko, Rosbank: "- Thank you very much for inviting me to the conference. I liked it very much. I just wanted more performances."

Ksenia Kisulenko, Louis Dreyfus Company: "- Thank you very much for the invitation to the conference."

Marina Eliseeva, Nizhnekamskneftekhim: "- Thank you very much for organizing the event."

Alexey Chebagin, Metalloinvest: "- Thank you for the invitation to the conference, everything was interesting.

Let me personally have a small wish regarding the planned next meetings -

I would like to expand on the topic of settlement of ongoing losses associated with loss of profit (BI)"

Arina Kamaeva VSK Insurance: "- Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the event. I think that if next year there are more representatives of insurers who could give feedback on the spot in response to problems voiced by potential clients, then communication would become even more productive."

Denis Guzev, NLMK Corporate Solutions Center: "- Thanks a lot for the invitation! The event was productive and interesting. I hope that there will be an opportunity to participate in the next conferences and seminars.

I would like to note the quality of the organization and the high level of information content of the conference.

Maybe it will upset you, but there are no comments))) Thank you again and have a nice day!"

Julia Loginova, Mikhailovsky GOK: "- We liked the conference very much."

Alexandra Morozova, Cherkizovo: "- Thank you for organizing the event. Organizational issues, in my opinion, were not implemented at a very high level. It was very interesting to hear the experience of colleagues, to communicate and share their experience. In terms of remarks and additions, I can say the following: it seemed to me that the second and third sessions were a little unstructured, there was a lack of prepared speeches; although I believe that discussions are a more dynamic means of sharing experiences, structured presentations by topic were lacking. Also, it may be worth inviting representatives of insurance companies and brokers who could comment on issues of interest to policyholders (for example, as did Alexander Misurev and Artem Sudorozhenko)."

Olga Ponomareva, Inter RAO – Power generation management: "- Thank you for the invitation to the event and the excellent organization! I wish you a repeat of the conference next year, expansion of the number of participants and new interesting topics."


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